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Property Tax Solutions

When you purchase a home in Friendly Valley or Belcaro your estimated property taxes will be based on a percentage of the purchase price... you can use 1.45% as a good base for figuring purposes.

Example: a home valued at $250,000 would cost approximately $3,625 per year or $302 per month.

A Home valued at $400,000 would cost approximately $5,800 per year or $483 per month.

Property tax transfer within Los Angeles County

You are strongly advised to check with your accountant or CPA for full clarification.

How it works generally:  If you purchased your home several years ago and perhaps paid $75,000 at the time, and sell your home at today’s market rate for perhaps $500,000 and purchase your new home for the same as you have sold for or LESS you can transfer your current property taxes to your new purchase.

Another option would be: Sell your current home and, within the first year after selling you purchase a new home, you can still transfer the taxes and increase your purchase price to up to 10% above what you have sold your home for.

I would be happy to explore these possibilities with you on the phone or via e-mail.

Thanks for your interest.

Rick Mahn


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